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Wellness is a journey you can choose to take at anytime in your life.
We teach, encourage and guide. You listen to, connect to and nurture – yourself..

Genthree Wellness offers wellness and nutrition coaching. Our approach centers squarely on you, because a path to lasting health and happiness can only come from empowering what is already inside.

We will work with you to determine your wellness goals and help you in taking the steps to accomplish them. In learning to listen to your body and connecting to yourself, wholeness and wellness inevitably follow.

Danielle Gilbert

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I am a health and wellness coach, trained and certified by The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. With a passion for nutrition and the desire to help others live a fuller, healthier and happier life, I came to this profession.

I love helping others see in themselves what needs to come to light. Think of me as your cheerleader on the sidelines, supporting you in taking the first steps to becoming your best version of yourself.